Portrait of Attorney Kyle Stackalis


Associate Attorney

Sacramento, Lodi, Redding

tel: +1 916 429 3229

fax: +1 916 880 5339

email: k.stackalis@wclawcorp.com

Ms. Stackalis is an Associate Attorney in the firm’s Sacramento office. She previously spent five rewarding years with a successful applicant’s firm, during which she primarily handled the cases of first responders. She has appeared before most WCAB venues in both Northern and Southern California.

Ms. Stackalis brings her eclectic knowledge of and experience in representing applicants, legal and scientific research, and alternative dispute resolution to Wintersteen | Casarez, for the benefit of her clients. Despite switching sides, Ms. Stackalis’s practice philosophy remains the same: expeditiously determining the merits of the case, providing her clients with the tools to choose a sensible solution, while anticipating and adapting for changes along the way, and pursuing resolution tenaciously.

Ms. Stackalis received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, while also completing a thesis in Organic Chemistry, wherein she was also on the Dean’s List. Ms. Stackalis then graduated with distinction from McGeorge School of Law, on a full scholarship. She was a recipient of the prestigious Anthony Kennedy Fellowship and a member of the Traynor Honor Society. During her time at McGeorge, she was a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Team, received honors for her research on adoption, and graduated early while working full-time.

Off the clock, Ms. Stackalis enjoys watching her smiley little girl grow up, riding horses, deep-sea fishing, curating her collection of concert-caught guitar pics, and letting the good times roll.

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