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Corporate attorneys consulting

Wintersteen | Casarez offers the highest caliber of workers’ compensation expert guidance and representation available. We have amassed a wealth of experience, and an exceptional reputation, having worked for years with all levels of claims organizations, state administrators, and the judicial branch, on nearly every conceivable workers’ compensation issue that can arise in a claim. Put this resource to work for you in your most complex and challenging situations.

Our Services


Claims / Legal Consulting

We provide expert legal opinions and guidance on all workers’ compensation liabilities for both litigated and non-litigated cases, including confidential second legal opinions, and reserving issues.


Best Practice Consulting

The law is not static; you need nimble expert advice and guidance to navigate the new and evolving challenges of the workers’ compensation system. We provide comprehensive legal guidance, opinions, and training for your team to navigate whatever the workers’ compensation system throws at your company.


DWC PAR Audit & Defense

Your workers’ compensation program’s viability depends on successfully navigating the DWC Audit Unit. Whether it is a scheduled DWC PAR audit, or a target audit, you need the highest level of legal guidance and support available. We will tailor our support to your specific needs, whether it be legal guidance, opinions, or direct advocacy with the Audit Unit. If there is an adverse finding, we will vigorously appeal it through the WCAB.

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